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Punk feather

KF Rock Store brings you the right jewel for you. The "Punk Feather" ring features a feather that will perfectly decorate your finger and match your outfit. Ring Made of stainless steel..

Wolf's Head

The ring of the wolf's head howls at existence! With an impressive amount of detail and amazing authenticity, the alpha wolf marks your path It is made of stainless steel.

Vikings Thors Hammer

The ring "Vikings Thors Hammer" is an accessory that breaks! The designers of etNox hard and heavy have come up with this beautiful ring that consists of sturdy bonds that cling to your finger. At the front, there is a hammer adorned by a skull that grimaces evil.

Skull Tattoo

A complete skull for a ring. The „Skull Tattoo“ ring transforms your finger into a skull. The whole head is decorated with tattoos. The stainless steel ring has a width of 28 mm. People that are getting too close, can expect to be flipped with the "Skull Tattoo" ring. The brand Wildcat rovided the massive ring with an impressive skull. The skull is decorated with loads of small ornaments, the skull bares its teeth. - with tattoos decorated black skull ring - made of stainless steel

Punk skull ring

Multiple skulls will set your trend as they perfectly match your heavy look. Ring made of stainless steel

Pentagram skull

With the Pentacle ring of etNox you are protected against all evil. But the Pentacle ring also serves as magic and defence sign. With the strongest white magical protection symbol you will be secured. Is made of stainless steel.


The magic and symbolic figure of Baphomet will mark your path and KF Rock Store brings it to you A beautiful piece made of stainless steel will accompany you in your face.

Gold eagle claw feather

With this magical necklace with its protective eagle claw in contrast creating a beautiful piece of jewelry. Made of stainless steel


Watch out! The eagle on this Alchemy Gothic finger ring is waiting to cut his finger into pieces with his beak. The ring "BIKER" will turn your finger into the resting place for this scary skull. The pointed beak and empty eyes make this eagle a truly spooky companion. Made of stainless steel.

Punk Biker Skull

Black ring, decorated with skull and skeletons - length 3 cm - width 2 cm The 'Black Skulls' ring by Wildcat is 2 x 3 centimetres in size and is a really detailed piece. The sides of the skull are adorned with skeletons. made of stainles steel

Gold eagle claw feather

KF Rock Store brings you the right jewel for you. The "Feather blue" necklace features a feather and in the center a beautiful gem to be charged. This necklace is the perfect accessory for your look. Made of stainless steel.

House Stark

- Pendant length: 3,5 cm - Pendant width: 2,5 cm - Stainless steel House Stark rules over the North. The Direwolf is their sigil. We are offering this "Direwolf Stark Crest" necklace from Game of Thrones. The pendant (3.5 x 2.5 cm) features a Direwolf hanging from stainless steel chain..